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Jake and Elwood + 2 Live musicians - THE 4-PIECE OPTION

The 4-Piece band option is fast becoming very popular. Jake and Elwood are joined on stage by two additional musicians.  We use especially-designed 'custom' backing tracks which are created without all of the live instrument parts on them, and our musicians then subsequently play those missing parts. Of course, we only ever employ top-flight, professional 'session standard' musicians with all of our band options.


This is a great option if you like the 'feel' of a live band,  but may be restricted for space, or you require a quicker set-up and break down time; or this simply may be the option that best suits your budget.  Fill in this contact form and we will send you back a full quote covering all options from the duo, through to the full 11-piece band, both with and without an additional disco.


Naturally, the additional band members become a part of the show as well, and are often subjected to Jake and Elwood's witty banter!


A typical set-up for this show would be Jake and Elwood plus live guitar and bass guitar*, or live guitar and saxophone*