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Jake and Elwood + Four live musicians - THE 6-PIECE BAND OPTION

The six-piece band option is NEW for 2016. We realised that there is quite a jump between booking the 4-piece band with backing tracks, and the 8-piece live band, and we needed an option to fill the gap. What we came up with is a 100% LIVE BAND option that sits mid-budget, and is therefore the logistical next step if you prefer your music completely LIVE but are restricted by space, budget etc.

The six-piece is comprised of Jake and Elwood, plus Drums, Bass, Guitar and Keyboards. They Keyboard player also covers the brass parts.


As yet, we don't have any footage or photos of the 6-piece band option in action, as it is such a recent addition, although rest assured that we only employ musicians of the highest calibre, and these guys are the same rhythm section that we use in the 8 and 11 piece band options. Here are a couple of the guys in action!

Possibly the best Blues Brothers tribute band in the world.

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