About The All New Blues and Soul Revue: Meet the artists who play the parts of Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi's characters 'Jake and Elwood' in this fitting Blues Brothers Tribute band.

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'JOLIET' JAKE - As portrayed by DAVE WIGGINS


Dave is the founder member of THE ALL NEW BLUES AND SOUL REVUE. He formed the band in 2002, and since then has taken the show from strength to strength, performing over 1000 shows across the UK, Europe and even into Africa and The Middle East. In the UK, the band have worked at prestigious events including both the BIG BANG and BUGJAM 31 at Santa Pod Raceway (as support to the Lightning Seeds).


 Dave holds a first class BA (Hons) degree in Performing Arts, and is currently studying for a Masters degree in Screen Performance at the University of Bedfordshire.


With a natural stage presence (Dave is also both a bassist and guitarist) performing live is where he feels most at home. Other projects have included "Comfortably One - A One-Man Pink Floyd Tribute Show", and together with Chris (see below) they are currently working on a new show entitled 'Boys of the 80s'.


Past bands have included Anguish, Perfect Circle, and a long-standing solo project entitled 'Wiggy's Rock Show' . Dave has also worked as a bassist for Mickey Flynn, covering around 300-400 gigs in London and the Home Counties in the late 1990s.


John Belushi's character 'Jake' is really brought to life by Dave, who also adds a little touch of his own character to the role.



Chris Parker joined THE ALL NEW BLUES AND SOUL REVUE late in 2015, and has made a huge impact already! A qualified teacher of drama, with a degree in Musical Theatre, Chris was a natural addition to the show from the outset.


At the tender age of just 24, Chris has also brought a new energy to the Revue, which gives it a whole new lease of life for 2016.


Bearing more than a passing resemblance to a certain Mr. Aykroyd too, Chris has mastered the moves and the mannerisms that make 'Elwood' unique!



Chris is actually the fourth Elwood that the show has employed since it's foundation in 2002.


Original member Colin Smith was with the show for the first seven years, and first 'retired' in 2009 to spend more time at home. His replacement, James Proctor, was with the show for the following four years, before leaving to pursue his teaching career, and he was then followed by Stuart Eckersley who deputised the position for six months in the early part of 2014. Colin returned later that same year to cover Elwood's responsibilities until a permanent suitable replacement could be found.


The photos and videos on this website show all four of these guys in action across a long time span!


This took longer than expected, as they are not easy shoes to fill....... but Chris arrived in October 2015, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Watch out for the crazy knee-to-floor dance moves, and if you're an unsuspecting member of the audience...... Well, just watch out, if Elwood is about!


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