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APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawers)


LV Insurance




Channel Five Television


Chevrolet UK (twice)


Collin UK


Eismann Frozen Foods


Rushden Town Council


St Neots Town Council


Kent County Council


Parson Drove Classic Car Show (3x)


Aberlour Highland Games, Scotland (twice)


Hertfordshire Police


Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, Malawi, Africa


Windsor Racecourse


Doncaster Racecourse


Global Village, Dubai, UAE


The Huddle, CityMax, Bur Dubai, UAE


Heatwave Promotions, Spain


Grossstadt Entertainments, Germany (ongoing)


Club Bollee, Rhenen, Netherlands


Santa Pod Raceway (Big Bang 2017, BugJam 2017)






Since 2002 we have performed at many prestigious events, and our client list includes (but is not limited to) some of the companies listed below.

Disclaimer: This website, the musicians and artistes mentioned, all branding and publicity material are in no way claiming to be THE BLUES BROTHERS as created and portrayed by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. This act is no more than a tribute to both feature movies - THE BLUES BROTHERS and BLUES BROTHERS 2000, and is not officially recognised by any official BLUES BROTHERS source, Daniel Aykroyd, Judith Belushi Pisano, Panacea Entertainments or UNIVERSAL MUSIC.

All branding and advertising material issued by this tribute act will be branded as THE ALL NEW BLUES AND SOUL REVUE, and this band / artist or the musicians within are in no way responsible for any clients that may promote or advertise them by using the Trademark 'THE BLUES BROTHERS', and we strongly advise all of our clients AGAINST doing so.


'The ᅠBlues Brothers' ᅠtrademark forᅠ entertainmentᅠ services is owned by Daniel Aykroyd and Judith Belushiᅠ Pisano.