All you need to know about booking the UK's ultimate Blues Brothers Tribute Band, The All New Bues and Soul Revue. Your questions answered.

The UK's Ultimate Blues Brothers Tribute Band

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Below are some of the questions we are most commonly asked. If your question is not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Q. How long does your show last for?


A. The show lasts for 90 minutes from start to finish. It can be performed as 2 x 45 minute sets with a break in the middle if required, although we generally prefer to run straight through to keep the continuity if possible. Because of the fast pace and energy of the show, it is not physically possible to perform for longer than this! For some events, a 1-hour 'Greatest Hits' show is more appropriate; we offer this too.


Q. How much do you cost to hire?


A. This is the proverbial "how long is a piece of string" question! Every gig is different, and we will happily supply a quote individually. Pricing is worked out through many factors, including distance we need to travel, whether an overnight stay is required, whether you have a "DJ / Disco" at your event or would require us to supply music for the duration of it (or whether we could utilise the disco's lighting rig) and even what day of the week the event is on. Please fill out the form on our 'BOOK US' page, and we will get straight back to you with an accurate quote.


Q. What do you need us (the client) to supply?


A. We will always need a lockable changing room, and ask that the client supplies a light meal and drinks for the band. A standard 13amp plug socket is usually sufficient fir the duo, 2x 13a sockets (or more) are required for all other band options. The stage area, ideally, should be a minimum of 5 metres wide by 2 meters (duo) deep to give us room to perform, although the more space we have the better the show will be both visually and audibly. For the bigger band options, if you are unsure, ask us first! By the same standards we can sometimes work in a smaller space, though it can sometimes restrict the dance routines somewhat, and therefore the show as a whole.


Q. Do you supply a disco too?


A. We are happy to run 'disco' style music, usually comprising predominantly of classic songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, with a few current hits thrown in too after the show finishes for around half an hour (while we get changed etc) at no extra cost. We can, if you wish, also stay and continue playing recorded music to the end of your event for a small fee. This will be general classic pop music too. Please consider when booking whether you need a separate DJ. If you are looking to save some money, our choice of music is usually in keeping with your event and most clients are very happy with the music we play to fill the evening out - our fee for doing this will be much lower than hiring a DJ independently. Many events will see us running background music before the show, then we perform the show itself, followed by usually not more than a couple of hours of disco music afterwards. If you want more than this, we strongly recommend you hire a DJ independently. Use the enquiry form on our contact page to specify your exact needs; we can then quote you accurately. As regards the disco music itself, if the venue has a 3G/4G or good Wi-Fi connection we can play virtually any song requested on demand! You can even send us a playlist beforehand if you like, and we'll make sure we have everything you want to hear ready to go.


Q. Do THE ALL NEW BLUES AND SOUL REVUE promote the show for us?


A. THE ALL NEW BLUES AND SOUL REVUE will, where possible, promote any PUBLIC performance of the show by advertising it on our own website, as well as our FACEBOOK page and other music media sources. We will not advertise private hire functions or events to protect client confidentiality. Ultimately, the responsibility for promoting and advertising any performance by THE ALL NEW BLUES AND SOUL REVUE is the responsibility of the client / venue making the booking; please be sure you are happy to take this responsibility before booking THE ALL NEW BLUES AND SOUL REVUE, we will still require full payment if we arrive to play at your event whether there are 2 people there or two thousand! Also, please be clear in all promotion that we are a BLUES BROTHERS TRIBUTE BAND!


Q. Do you play in pubs?


A. We have performed in pubs since the show began back in 2002, but this has become increasingly difficult as the show has grown over that time, and limited space often means a limited performance. That is not to say we can't / won't play pubs anymore, but we are tending to keep pub gigs nowadays to special occasions such as fun days, barbecues etc, where we are given the room to work to our full potential. Pubs often have the best crowds and are very enjoyable gigs to play; don't hesitate to contact us for a quote. Please remember that we operate as a professional business, and as such have overheads like any other business. This may mean that our fees are higher than many traditional 'pub' bands.


Q. How far do you travel?


A. The simple answer is ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! So long as we can sufficiently cover our expenses (we are based on the Beds / Cambs border, England UK) then the answer is quite literally anywhere! In the past we have have worked as far a field as Scotland, Wales, Spain, Holland, Germany and Tenerife. In 2010 we even played 3 shows in Malawi, Africa, and in February 2016 we played in Dubai, UAE. So don't be afraid to ask! We love to travel, and international enquiries are most welcome.


Q. Your PA system is 10kw. That's really loud isn't it?


A. We always tailor the volume to suit every venue and audience. There is no point in deafening our audience, no-one gains from too much volume! The reason our system goes up to 10kw (we don't always carry this rig) is so we can cater for big outdoor events as well as the more intimate venues. For most reasonably sized events we carry a much smaller system (approx 1K) as the full system is not necessary.


Q. If we book THE ALL NEW BLUES AND SOUL REVUE for an event,

and then are forced to cancel, for whatever reason, on what terms can we cancel the booking?


A. Please see our TERMS and CONDITIONS of booking for a comprehensive answer!

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